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Here is a painting I did on paper. The quality of the image is pretty poor and it's not my finest work, but I tried, lol. It jokes about the scene for teaching English in Asia.

Uncle Sam Chang Wants You to Teach English in Asia

Uncle Chang's Engrish

What it says:

"We Want You! To Teach English in Asia. Subscribe and become an eflective Engrish teacher today. $20 an hour or more if you're handsome or pretty or less if you're not."

"We make the best teachers guaranteed! or you pay me back."

What it touches on:


You'll find all kinds of funny "Engrish" sayings all over Asia. You'll see them on signs, clothing, find them in books, and pretty much anywhere there can be translations.

Employer preferences

There are definitely openly expressed discriminatory preferences out there for English teachers that can be based on race, sex, age and more. I think employers often have discriminatory preferences yet there are not so openly expressed as they are in Asia.

Dodgy employers and recruiters

You'll find your share of horror stories if you browse the net. Employers and recruiters that cheat people.

Uncle Chang doubles as an ESL recruiter and a private school owner. Watch out for this guy he's very slick and deceptive.

Acrylic painting on paper

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