How happy are you with your teachers? Are they effective English teachers? Are your students happy with their teachers? How about their parents? Would you like to increase student enrolment?

I can help train your teachers to become more competant teachers. A better teacher equals happier students and possibly more money.

I previously taught English in Korea, Taiwan and in China. I have created online courses and videos that were filmed in hagwon and public school classrooms in Korea.

Here's a video that I made that has received over 190,000 views on Youtube. it's callled...

A visually captivating course where teachers learn how to keep their students happy


Your teachers can get ideas for their classes by watching these free videos.

Now if you want them to really become better teachers then I would recommend that they take this engaging advanced course that includes feedback. This course is especially focused on teaching English to kindergarten-middle school students.

It's an extensive course.

There are 4 lesson planning assignments where teachers have to submit lesson plans based on images of students books like this example...

lp2 assignment

However, if you like we can use your books instead. If that sounds appealing then send 4 images from your student books.

You can learn more about the course content here.

Instead of boring teachers with out of control students or others that make your students fall asleep imagine inspiring teachers that make your students smile. 

The advanced course emphasizes practicality and teachers will learn how to make teaching English both educational and fun. Simultaneously they will learn how to manage a classroom and deal with difficult students.

Teachers must maintain a grade of at least 80% to progress in the course and upon successful completion of the course they can get a digital certificate that they can show you.

If you have any questions about this or how I can help train your teachers then you can send an email to me here:

Have a great day ; - )