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I used to hike in the mountains around Busan when I lived there quite a bit. That was one thing that I liked about Korea. Even though the city was around 3.5 million people it was never overwhelming as I found it really easy to get out into the mountains. You could pretty much point to a mountain, go there and find a trail up. I lived in downtown Seomyeon which is pretty much the center of the city.


This footage was shot near there. This was a pretty nice place. If you're standing across from and facing Lotte Hotel in Seomyeon, Busan this mountain would be off to the left. It was really nice and you could find some quiet up there about a 30-40 minute hike from the center. Anyways this was a pretty cool temple nestled into the mountain side. There was a nice stream and bamboo growing nearby.

It was very picturesque and I was walking around the temple area when I met a Buddhist monk who gave me an apple. It was very cool. I had saw the bell and I was hoping that I would get to hear them ring it. So I asked when they would ring it again and he seemed to imply that he could do it then. O.k, so he did and I captured this footage.

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