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Are you looking for a couples position teaching English abroad in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan or somewhere else in the world? Or do you have a friend that you would like to teach abroad with?

If your answer is yes then I can show you how to find these sorts of positions. I taught in Korea, China and Taiwan and I always saw schools that preferred couples.

I even worked in some schools with couple teachers.

So how do you find these positions?

Step 1 - Choose your site

Where do you want to teach?

Find sites for teaching in that country. For example, let's say you want to teach in Korea. Here are some sites for teaching in Korea:


So you go to the jobs page and then do a "search and find" for "couples" which is command f on a Mac. That will highlight all the mentions of the word couples on the page.

Holy cow!

Today (jobs change daily) I found 50 mentions of the word couple on this page. But keep in mind many of these are by recruiters.

Also here are some other sites for teaching in Asia:

Step 2 - Try Google

You can also just go to Google and type in your query:

  • couple positions teaching English in ___ (insert country)
  • teaching english in korea as a couple

And maybe some positions will show up.

Wait I am not a couple, but I have a friend??

Awesome! You can do the same thing and apply to jobs that say they would prefer a couple.

But I don't have just one friend I am part of a group?

Then that starts getting more difficult and less likely. Many schools have multiple foreign teachers so finding a couples position is not that hard. But if you are part of a big group then that's not going to be likely.

Finding a school that has more than 2 positions opening at the same time is not that likely.

Alternatively you could all move to the same city and look for work in that area.

Can I find a job working in a public school program like EPIK with my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Probably not. Most positions for teaching in a public school in Korea have only one position for a foreign teacher in the same school. Plus you don't usually get much of a say as to where you teach. 

The program chooses.

So if you want to do that in Korea you would want to look for hagwons.

Why some schools prefer couples

Some schools actually prefer couples for a few reasons.

  • It's a joint adventure.
  • They are less likely to quit.
  • They are less likely to get lonely.
  • They tend to be more responsible.

So it's totally possible, you just have to get out there and start looking using the methods mentioned above. 


I saw this question on Reddit:

"Hey everyone! My girlfriend and I are looking to teach english abroad. We would like to be guaranteed that we can live in the same city if possible. It is also important to us that we can save money, which is much easier in some places than others (South Korea vs most south american countries I’ve read about). Does anyone have advice for two people that want to be together and save money?"

If you really want a guarantee that you will be in the same city go there and look. And don't be such a chicken sh**.

Fortune rewards the brave ...and well researched. I've done it many times and so can you. Or you can try to line it up ahead of time.

It's up to you.