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This video was inspired from some western women's blog post regarding "Charisma Man" - the popular foreign comic in Japan and the western men (usually white) who are actually like the men in this comic. These men (usually Caucasian) and Asian women tend to have an affinity for one another.


Video transcription:

Hi, this is about Charisma Man. Charisma Man is a funny comic and if you check out the link below you can see what I am talking about here. It's a comic about a stereotype in Japan, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. It's about a western male here who graduates college and goes to Japan and finds that woman are more attracted to him. Whereas in his country woman weren't really attracted to him. He finds himself with a couple girlfriends in Japan. So it's about that stereotype. Like I said it exists in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.

And I think it's being a minority you're going to stand out. As a minority you are going to get more attention. Maybe some good things will come from that and maybe some not so good things will come from that. You know it's kinda like imported goods. In Korea, if I wanted to buy a mango it's going to cost a lot of money because mangoes don't grow in Korea, so I have to pay more money. But if I go down to Malaysia, Indonesia or Taiwan it's not going to cost a lot of money because they don't grow around there. They are not as valuable there because they are not rare.

Or cheese, if you are living in Asia you'll find out that cheese costs 2 or 3 times as much as you would pay for it back home. So I think it's all related to that. You'll get more attention for being rare and a western male. And the Asian women really take to the western men (mainly Caucasians) and the western men really take to the Asian women. However, I don't think it really goes the other way. Not so much anyways. You'll rarely see couples like an Asian man with a western woman. I made another video about why western men love Asian women.

In my experience, I once met a Japanese girl on Mt. Hood, OR. I was snowboarding for the summer and we got to hanging out and talking a bit and she asked me if I was only attracted to her because she was Japanese. She seemed to have some... like this had happened before to her...

Now a woman made a blog post about this comic and she has some theory and opinions on how this person is. I have some of my own that's about that...

  1. She says few of these Charisma Men have ever had a girlfriend in their country. I can't say that I have met anyone like that when I was teaching in Asia. I spent about 6 years in Asia and I never met anyone who I knew of that was like that. Sure not everyone fills me in on their details.
  2. She says most of these Charisma Men see western women as lazy, pushy, controlling, demanding, and opinionated. Well, I could use some of those adjectives to describe western women. In my opinion there is a higher percentage of western women like that than there are Asian women. I think it's kinda the culture.
  3. She made another comment that many of these Charisma Men dislike other foreigners. I think some people go abroad and they don't really want to be bothered by other foreigners. It doesn't matter foreign men can be like that and foreign women can be like that. I don't know why, but they are just with... they just want to have their own experience and not to relate to other foreigners.

Last thing I would say is that there is a number of western women out there who are probably jealous. You know they probably feel less desirable over there. They are over there and the foreign men are all going for the Asian women. They are not really interested in the western women, not most of them anyways. So they probably feel a little left out. So there is a percentage of them that are probably a little jealous. That's my take on it anyways.

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