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This is a blog about teaching English in Asia, so I want to be clear about whom this title refers to. When I say "Asian girls" I am not referring to Asian American women, but to Asian women who are from and live on the continent in Asia more specifically in Eastern Asia.

So I watched a video the other day called "Are Chinese Girls Easy?" and I thought the creators perspective was pretty accurate. I pretty much agreed with everything in it that he said. I embedded that video below. 

While the title and photo may come across to some as being a bit lewd it speaks a truth that some have thought or wondered whether you are planning on teaching in Asia or not.

And since I have taught in China, Korea and Taiwan I thought I would also share my perspective as well.

I previously wrote an article that offered a new perspective on the attraction to Asian women. But I didn't really cover this topic.

Is it a stereotype?

Maybe it is to some. Yet it's not particular to just Asian women. We could ask a question like, "Are ___ (insert race) women easy?" See the interesting numbers about the other races on the bottom of the page.

So are they easy or not? 

Well, on one hand we can say "yes" and on the other we can say "no". First we'll start with why we could say "yes".

Attention - the reason why they can be said to be "easy"

Asia is a pretty homogenous place. Let's take Japan for example. It's roughly 95% Japanese. And you may assume that the remaining 5% is a diverse group of people from around the world, but actually the majority of that percent is from neighboring Asian countries.

You're a minority

So that means the majority of people there are ethnically similar. But you on the other hand - if you did not descend from Eastern Asia, will look different to them.

And if you look different you will stand out. And if you stand out you will get more attention, but you'll soon learn that it does depend on who you are. People place a higher value on exotic goods. Let's take for example, cheese. 

Cheese is a pretty easy and common thing to consume here in the USA. Of course there are varying qualities and kinds of cheese, but generally it's not that expensive or rare here.

But if you go to Northeast Asia, cheese is not a common food there and since it is rare it is valued more and costs more money. The same can be said for dragon fruit most places here in the States. It is rare and expensive, but in some parts of Asia it is common.

So the bottom line is you will get more attention because you look different. You'll be seen as exotic. Yet, it depends on...

Being different is part of it & so is skin color

So does that mean if I am of a different race I'll have more luck with the ladies?

Maybe not, because it depends on which race.

I have either lived or been to Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan and many of the girls there have something in common. Can you guess what it is?

Many use whitening cream. They actually put a cream on their skin to look more white. Sounds crazy eh? Why do they do this?

They do this because there is a belief in their culture that having white skin is more attractive and higher class. Because if you have white skin then that means you are a person of higher class. You're more of an aristocrat. 

And if you have dark skin then that means you are a person of low class like a farmer is.

Is that the reason why there is racism in Asia?  

Yeah, you could say that if you want and the fact that as I mentioned before it's a pretty homogenous place. You're an outsider regardless of your race. Even if you are white you'll still be viewed as a foreigner.

You're not Chinese, Korean, etc. You're not part of the crowd.

But if you are white then you will be looked upon more favorably because you're considered higher class. And so some of the reasons why they might like you are:

  1. For the status
  2. For your money
  3. For your passport

That's going to be more common in the poorer Asian countries and I am sure some would say that the first two are common around the world.

If you are white and things are starting to sound good keep in mind many Asian women will be on guard because you'll be seen as a "player" and...

Why Asian women are not "easy"

They are not "easy" because they tend to be more traditional. Traditionally in Asia women get married while in their twenties. In fact they usually get a lot of pressure to get married years before they are 30. 

And if they don't get married before they are 30 then they are considered spoiled cake or "left over women". That means that they are considered a bad apple and looked down upon by the majority of the culture.

There are even services out there where young women can rent a boyfriend just for the sake of appearance. So that they can take them home to their families for the holidays for show.


Because they don't want the pressure that comes with being single. And no these fake boyfriends are not like prostitutes. They are just there to make it look like they are getting married.

So since they get a lot of pressure to get married then they tend to take relationships pretty seriously. And your Chinese, Korean or Japanese girlfriend may soon be thinking marriage just after a few months of dating.

In Asia couples don't typically live together out of wedlock either. 

After marriage...

Soon after marriage most Asian women get pressured to raise a family. Traditionally grandparents will help take care of children and then it is expected that you will then care for the parents when they are older.

It's a more family oriented culture.

That's just the way it is in Asia. But it doesn't mean that there are not...


There are always exceptions. For example, there are Asian women:

  • who don't like white men. While many may be curious there are many more who will never date or marry anyone who isn't native to their country. There are also plenty of men in Asia.
  • who like brown skin or black men
  • who are single and rich.
  • who are not family orientated.

You might:

  • be white and have a difficult time finding a woman
  • have brown or black skin and have no problem making or finding a girlfriend

It depends on you.

Just like in your country they are different kinds of people. So in Asia you may find some girls to be "easy" and others not. A lot depends on you. If you're a good looking guy then you'll probably get more attention like you do in your home country. 

There are certain cultural standards there, but not everyone follows them. 

This is hardly science, but a quick search for the following brought up:

  • Are white women easy? = 39,900,000 results
  • Are Latina women easy? = 50,000,000 results
  • Are black women easy? = 215,000,000 results
  • Are Asian women easy? = 45,300,000 results 

Before you jump to any conclusions you have to consider that most of the people doing those searches were probably white men. Why? Because the USA is more than 70% white.

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