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I enjoyed making this video. I made this video around where I grew up in NH and VT. This area is very rural and you're more likely to see a cow than you are graffiti. So I thought it would be a kick and perhaps add a twist to the title "Phonics for the Streets". I also have a love for Hip Hop and the video makes some references to Hip Hop and street language.

I had been thinking of doing something with possibly phonics using my turntables and music for a while and then I suddenly got the idea "Phonics for the Streets". Not sure where it came from, but it could have something to do with all the bright and colorful phonics videos for children that I have seen on Youtube. Those look like good learning tools, no doubt. But I felt no one needed another video like those.

As you will see it's not very appropriate for kids, some adults or the classroom. After all it is called "Phonics for the Streets". What else would you expect with a title like that? So if you're easily offended by references to slang, sex, drugs and other vulgar behavior then you might not want to watch it. It's for mature adults^^. It's art, it's designed to be entertaining and nothing to take too seriously (or into your classroom). A kind of joke that hopefully someone will enjoy and if you don't that's o.k because I did.