This video was inspired by some comments made about Charisma Man. I, like most foreign men in Asia I find Asian women to be quite attractive. It's quite common to see this couple and quite uncommon to see Asian men with foreign women.

I see basically two reasons for this common attraction.

  1. The aesthetics - "they" look nice
  2. The culture - "they" are more feminine


It could be the black hair for some or thinner body types for others, but they are also more attractive based on the fact that they have a better diet and care for themselves more than your average American female.

  • They typically smoke less, as in much of the traditional culture it is forbidden for women to smoke.
  • They typically eat healthier food. The USA has the worst national diet in the world. One that's laden with fats, processed foods, junk foods and fast foods.
  • They typically stay out of the sun. Tanning is not considered to be attractive and thus their skin ages slower.


The USA (for example) is a very masculine and extroverted culture whereas Asian culture is more introverted and feminine.

So I think that men find them more feminine in nature as is the culture. Ask a foreign woman in Asia why she doesn't find Asian men to be attractive and she will likely say that she thinks that they are kind of feminine. I don't necessarily think that they are more feminine, yet I do think the culture is.

And sure you can find exceptions to the rule here like: Asian women who smoke, are fat, tan, are masculine in personality and so on. This article refers to Asian women in Asia like in: China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, not to Asian Americans and so on.