Are you interested in submitting an article or participating in an interview? Selected articles and interviews with teachers will go on the blog.


Articles can be about mostly anything related to teaching or living abroad: your experience where you are, inside or outside of the classroom.

If you are interested in writing an article then you can shoot me an email with your idea or topic first if you like.


If you are interested in an interview then we would shoot some questions back and forth through email for a while and then before I put anything out there I would o.k the final draft with you.

There is no pay for articles or interviews. In most instances I can offer you a link back to your site, blog, Facebook, etc. in your profile. Attention will be paid to unique content and to the quality of writing. In-depth articles are usually better than shorter ones. Pictures can be included as well. I am mainly interested in native English speakers. If your English is fine then I might consider a non-native speaker.

Submit an Article or Interview

You can submit an article, your interest in an interview, or your inquiry via the contact page.

Be sure to tell me a little bit about yourself (where you are and where you are teaching). If you are submitting an article be sure to format it and send it in HTML.