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I visited the plastic/transgender surgeons office in Bangkok, Thailand around the beginning of 2006. I was in Thailand for a vacation mainly, but was also talking with doctors about getting some sort of septoplasty done. My nose had been broken a couple of times and I was hoping to improve the airflow through my nostrils.

After talking with the doctor about my nose I was standing at the counter and I saw a list with all the different procedures that they did. They did: nose jobs, breast augmentation, jaw sculpting, liposuction, full sex change operations and more.

I was pretty curious, so I asked them if he had any pictures of his work. And he said, "Oh yeah, come in here." I went into his office and he pulled out this big photo album. We sat down on his couch and started looking through the pictures.

They showed total sex change operations with before, after and in between photos. Males who had been fully transformed into a woman. They'd show a male with male genitalia. Then a male after he had it removed and it was still healing. Then a final shot of his new fully healed vagina. It was impressive work.

And according to the doctor they were able to have an orgasm as well. They still looked a little abnormal to me, but it was still impressive. I didn't end up getting any nose work done there as I got the surgery done in Taiwan.

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