Icebreakers and warm-up activities can be used in the first part of your lesson. Here you can watch videos of them in action.

ESL icebreakers in the classroom Categramble Elementary-Adults, Intermediate+
Students doing an ESL icebreaker in the classroom Fear in a Bag Adolescents-Adults
A warm up activity using a ball Word Association Elementary-Adults, Intermediates+
A spelling and writing warm up activity Give them a Letter Elementary-Adults
Icebreakers Line up Line Up Elementary-Adults
Warm up activities word chain Word Chain Elementary-Adolescents
Icebreakers 20 questions 20 Questions Adolescents-Adults, Intermediate+
Warm up activities Teacher Says Teacher Says Kindergarten-Early Elementary
Icebreakers Tell the Truth Tell the Truth Elementary-Adults
Warm up activities what do you see What do you see? Elementary-Adults

Additional Resources

Books about icebreakers, warm-up activities, etc. on Amazon

201 Icebreakers : Group Mixers, Warm-Ups, Energizers, and Playful Activities

Moving Beyond Icebreakers: An Innovative Approach to Group Facilitation, Learning, and Action

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