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An interview with ESL teacher Dale in Taiwan

This is part 2 of the interview with teacher Dale in Taichung, Taiwan. Here he talks about the music, the nightlife, what instrument he plays, and shows in Taipei.

Here is a transcription of the video.

How did you arrange your housing Dale? I was lucky as my brother was living here first. So I stayed with him. Then I found a place living with a Canadian girl. For my next house I went to a real estate agent on the street. I told them that I want to live in this area what can you do? And they will take you around. But you have to be careful because the first few that they will show you are the ones that they are trying to get rid of. They can be pretty shit quality, maybe low light or a small space.

But you just keep insisting on what you want and they will have to find it if they want to make any commission on the sale. Be careful with the housing. A lot of the housing has small windows or maybe the windows have cages on them. Be patient and have your vision of what you want and it will come. It's cheap too.

How's the nightlife? It's o.k. Everyone seems to be a DJ in this day and age. You just need one DJ and a bigger room. You'd save a lot of money and time. It's mainly hip hop. There's a lot of electronic music and breakbeats. But I don't really get that. Where's the soul, the vocals, the heart and passion of the music.

Is there any live music? Loads and loads and loads. If you play in a band or play an instrument, awesome, you'll fit right in here. Every one seems to be a singer or play an instrument except me (laughing). I can play my own instrument (smiling), but I am not going to play now.

Which instrument is that? It's a secret instrument given to me by god. And in silent times I will play it to god (laughing).

Have you seen any big shows in Taipei? It's a big show place. There is a huge jazz concert/festival. This is Asia and they believe in all these different kinds of gods. So they are always celebrating something: boat festival, moon festival, ghost festival, Chinese new year. There are a lot festivals. There is always something on the horizon. Different parts of Taiwan have celebrations at different times.

I think it's Danshui, the Danshui festival where everyone wears, the helmet, scarf, and jacket. Then they run head on into fireworks being fired at them. It's a little bit crazy. There's a Maoist festival. Where guys who believe in the... ughh, I think it's the Maoist god and club themselves until they are bleeding. It's a little weird.

If you look over here. We have some people camping. Not sure what they are doing or if they are part of the Falun Gong. I don't know if they are trying to recruit more of these people who wear these yellow bandanas (smiling). I don't know. There's usually something like this everywhere. In the morning this park is full of people practicing Tai chi. There's always something going on. Dancing girls dancing on the side of the street...

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