Learn this interesting and active icebreaker for teaching English

Come up with a list of different ways of grouping people together. Have your class stand and gather around an open area on the floor. Here are some ideas for grouping your students together:

  • clasp your hands together
  • cross your arms
  • what leg do you put in first when putting your pants on
  • if you were born in the summer, winter, spring, or fall
  • whether you prefer to eat: pizza, chicken, hamburgers, or vegetarian
  • whether you were born in the morning, afternoon, or evening
  • whether you prefer basketball, skiing, martial arts, or tennis
  • if your favorite color is red, blue, orange or green
  • etc.

Then divide your students and send them to the appropriate area in the room. So if you're "right handed" come over here and if you're "left handed" over there. This is a fun kinesthetic icebreaker. Your students will appreciate the movement and it's a great way to see how we are all alike and different.

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