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Money, the cost of living and expenses in Korea Part II

In this video teacher Ian talks about transportation expenses like: buses, subways and the KTX (fast train).

Here is a transcription of the video:

...continued from part I:

Transportation. If you take a local city bus that's going to cost you about a 1000 Won. And that will get you around the city. It's the same here in Changwon as in Busan and that will get you around. Inner city buses will cost a little bit more.

Subway. You can get an all day pass for 3500 Won and you can use the subway (in Busan) all day. You can get a one way ticket, depending on how far you go for 1100 or 1300 Won. But if you are staying long term, I never did it that way cause I didn't use the subway that much, but you can get a card and fill the card up with credit. Sometimes it's a bit cheaper to use the subway that way. Also you can use that for the bus system as well.

KTX. If you want to take a fast train from Seoul to Busan, that's about 50,000 Won. It takes less than 3 hours maybe. If you want to take a bus from Seoul to Busan that's about 25-28,000 Won. It's easy to save a million Won a month working. I mentioned before that I saved 18,000,000 Won in my first year working. That's including severance and my ticket home.

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