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A fun and efficient vocabulary activity for teaching vocabulary.


This is a good game for teaching and practicing vocabulary.


  • Divide your class into two teams and into two lines standing facing the board
  • Say or point to a word on the board and say "Go"
  • Each student says the word while at the same time passing it down the line
  • The last students run up to the board to write and say it
  • Give a point to the first one to say it correctly
  • They then go to the front of the line
  • Continue

This is a fun game for teaching ESL. It is also very efficient. If a student doesn't say the word send the marker back and have them do it again or don't give their team a point.

For large classes you can divide your ESL students into more than two lines. Due to space I probably wouldn't have any more than 4 lines. This activity goes pretty fast so you put 10 people or so in one line. If someone doesn't speak then you can have them pass the marker back.

For lower levels you can have them draw a picture instead of writing the word and then say what it is when they finish. Give a point to the fastest to draw and say it correctly.

Then maybe after they have some practice you can have them write it.