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This a fun ESL activity that helps students practice spelling and speaking.


  • You'll need two sets of letters (or more for each group), including doubles of the most commonly used letters
  • Divide your class into two groups, hand each a set and have them mix up the letters on the desk in front of them
  • Say a word from your English lesson like "Elephant" and have each group race to spell it
  • Once a group has put the letters together have them raise their hands and 1,2,3 say it together "Elephant"
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You can create letters on poster board and cut them out. You could also get some letter magnets or do something similar to what I did here. I used stickers of letters and placed them on small pieces of wood. It might take you some time to do, but it's work that is done one time and you will benefit from it many times.

These letters can be reused again and again and also in different ways.