Here is an activity that can be used for practicing spelling and vocabulary.

This is the more kinesthetic version that works well with getting the whole class involved. The other version is for individual work.


  • Take some A4 paper and cut it into 4 pieces
  • Write the letters of the alphabet down, one on each piece
  • You'll need enough total letters to spell any words (vocabulary from your lesson) that you have in mind. You will need more than one for the more common letters
  • Pick a word and give some, but not all of the letters to a group of students
  • Those students take their letters up to the front of the classroom
  • Arrange the students in an order as if to spell the word
  • At the same time leave gaps for the missing letters
  • Have the other students guess what the word is
  • After they guess correctly choose a new set of students and a new word
  • Continue

Try to find a nice balance of how many letters are shown. Too many is too easy and too few can be too difficult.

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