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An activity to help clarify the pronunciation of numbers like "19" and "90"

Many students will have difficulties clarifying "_teen" and "_ty". For example, the numbers 19 and 90 will easily get mispronounced or confused. This activity will help them to more clearly pronounce the differences in the two. To do this activity:

  • Write the numbers 13, 30, 14, 40, 15, 50, 16, 60, 17, 70, 18, 80, 19, and 90 on the board.
  • Put each number in a square along the base of the whiteboard.
  • Above those numbers write "_teen" and "_ty".
  • Circle both of those.
  • Divide your class into teams.
  • Call two students up to the board.
  • Say a number, for example, "19".
  • The students must first touch and say "_teen".
  • After they touch and say "_teen", they touch and say "19".
  • Give a point to whoever is the fastest to say it correctly. The point should go to their team.
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