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"Who am I?" is a fun guessing game that can be used in the ESL classroom

This is a popular and fun ESL game. Typically it is used with famous people, but it can be used with other large categories. To do this activity:

  • Get some "Post-its"
  • Have each student secretly select someone famous. It may help to do some brainstorming first. It's important that everyone knows the person that they choose.
  • Have them write that persons name down on the "Post-it".
  • Then have them stick it on the persons back who is to their right.
  • Have your students stand up and circulate around the room.
  • The goal is to find out who you are.
  • You can only ask yes or no questions like, "Am I a man?, Am I from Africa?, Am I a musician?", etc.
  • If someone gets stuck then you can give them a clue.
  • Continue until finished.