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This is a basic formula for teaching reading. It's starts with getting them to look at the text and images. And then having them respond to questions about what they see on the page. To teach reading:

  • Select a reading page from your textbook.
  • Have your students look at the page, it's contents, pictures, etc.
  • Ask them questions like, "What do you see?, What's he doing?, What color is it?, Is it a boy?", etc.
  • Have your students raise their hands and answer.

Asking questions about what they see helps draw your ESL students into the story.

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#3 Becky 2015-09-06 15:23
Thanks! It helped a lot.
Hope you enjoy teaching in Asia!
#2 Ian 2015-09-05 02:55
Well there are probably a few things you could do. What's your textbook about?

1. Find some related materials that include pictures. You can find pictures online too by searching and then add them to the lesson.
2. You can draw pictures on the board.
3. You can have the students draw pictures as well or do a drawing dictation.

A couple of other videos that would help:


Try to break it down into smaller parts.
#1 Becky 2015-09-03 14:55
Hi, I'm Becky teaching English in Korea. I'm an ESL as well and teaching in elementary and junior high school.
I've been watching your videos and your teaching tools are great! And I came up with a question that how you would teach esl students reading with many words. The textbook we are using has less pictures and lots of words. Its length seems to be long enough for them however we have no other choice to use other books. What teaching skills or tools would you recommend me? I'm teaching 5, 7, and 9th graders. Thanks for all your videos again. It does really help me!

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