Learn an ESL activity for teaching listening

This activity works well when teaching listening and the distinct differences in words or in similar sounding words. Here we use it with singular and plural words. The students have already been exposed to the two, however this activity helps the teacher see how well they catch the differences. To do this ESL activity:

  • The teacher will say a word, for example, "pencil".
  • If the teacher says, "pencil" then the students will raise one hand.
  • If the teacher says, "pencils" then the students will raise two hands.
  • After the students have caught on, have them close their eyes.
  • Closing their eyes will help prevent cheating.
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This activity can also be used for phonics. For example, if a word begins with "ph" the students will raise two hands. If it begins with "f" they will raise one hand.

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