Learn how to create a lesson plan for ESL students with this five part sequence that uses the presentation, practice, and production method ("PPP"). You can use this format as a template for your lessons. You can also see this same material presented in an infographic and in another video. This method works especially well with beginners and children.

Follow the links to learn more on the "PPP" method.

Lesson Plan Warm Up 1. Lesson Planning - Warm Up

Lesson plan presentation 2. Lesson Planning - Presentation

Lesson planning practice 3. Lesson Planning - Practice

Lesson planning production 4. Lesson Planning - Production

Lesson planning review 5. Lesson Planning - Review

Details on:

Another sample lesson plan is available in the ebook. This one is complete with pictures of inside the text book being used. The summary also contains a different style of lesson planning by Jeremy Harmer. The online TEFL course has a very detailed section on lesson planning as well.

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