Here is a selection of sites for teaching ESL. You'll find links to many more sites in the ebook.

Teacher Training

Uoregon Training 14 video modules that provide teachers with training.

Worksheets and Printables

ESLprintables Thousands of ESL teachers sharing worksheets, powerpoints and other resources.

Puzzles Make your own puzzles for class. It's easy to use and you can make crossword, word search, double puzzles and more.

Forums A good place to start looking for a job and to connect with others in different countries.

Korea A forum based site for teachers mainly in the public school system. Teachers share lesson plans and ideas. A good place to find a job in Korea. A couples video based blog with commentary on life in Korea, pop music and more.

Taiwan A good place to start in Taiwan. Find a language partner, a new apartment and a job.

China A good place to find a job in China as well as some articles on living in China.

Japan A place to connect with others living in Japan, find a job and an apartment. Sign up and receive a newsletter with jobs in Japan.

Again you will find many more sites in the ebook this is just a starter.