These are common questions asked by those who are taking the online TEFL course or thinking about it. If you have problems or questions that are not answered here you can ask them below.

This FAQ will be divided into 2 sections:

  1. For those thinking about taking the course
  2. For those already taking the course

1. Q&A for those thinking about taking a course

What is the course like?

Some things have changed in regards to this video, but the video will give you an idea of what the course is like.

Can I see an outline of the course?

Yes. Here is an outline.

What does the certificate look like?

You can see a sample here. It will also say the course hours on it.

Is this internationally recognized or will this be accepted at every school?

Read here.

How is the certificate issued?

The certificate is issued via download. Directions are given on how to professionally print it out. Be sure that you follow them. Certificates are not mailed or shipped.

Is there another way to pay?

No. Paypal is the only way.

How long does it take?

What is the duration of the course? Does a 20 hour course entail 20 hours of work? It could, but it depends on you and the pace you work at. Some people have completed the 120 hour course within a few weeks.

Keep in mind it is not a good idea to rush though as you won't absorb the material.

How many hours do I need?

Typically more hours equals more thorough training. Some employers may not care much about that as they are not always required. However, courses greater than 100 hours are considered by some to be better and are more widely accepted.

Is it hard?

You can start it right now. It's not meant to be especially difficult. You do have to maintain an 80-85% through the course, but the material is in front of you and you can retake it until you get it right.

2. Q&A for those already taking the course

Why can't I get to the next topic in the course?

  1. You have not completed the previous topic. Double check that you have completed all questions.
  2. Your grade is not high enough to proceed. You must retake the previous topic to raise your grade. Your grade is cumulative. Check in the grade book.

Where is my grade on the assignments?

Despite what it says assignments are not graded at this time. But as mentioned above your other work is.

Where are the assignment comments?

For example, go to: Create & Submit Your Lesson Plan 2. > scroll to the bottom > submission status > submission comments

How can I change the spelling of my name on the certificate?

You can change your name in your profile. Be sure to write your full name down.

Why are you asking for my password?

In some situations I may ask for your password and username to see how things look on your end. You can change these in your profile before sending them to me. I can create, suspend and delete accounts, but I can't see how things look on your end and know why you are having problems. 90% of the problems most users have is on their end and it is not a problem with the course.

I can't find my question here. How can I contact you?

You can ask it here or you can send an email to [email protected] and if you are logged in you can message Ian here.


#6 Ian 2015-09-28
Yes, problem solved. I responded to your email.
#5 Ghaiss Kadri 2015-09-27

I have finished the 20 hours TEFL course but I am not able to get a certificate although my average is higher than 80/100.

Please help me out.. Thank you
#4 Anna Kostiuk 2014-09-17
Hello, I completed the topic with grade 3 out of 3 but i can't go to the next topic
#3 Massiel 2014-06-17
Hello, i just completed your course. It was very good, instructive and helpful. I already got my certificate, can you please send me the recommendation letter? I have already made a $60 Donation. Thanks
#2 Ian 2014-06-12
I just sent it to you through the course.
#1 Benjamin Ruiz 2014-06-10
Hi there. Your course was fantastic, very helpful and instructive...I have completed the course, made the $60 donation and received my certificate but i have yet to receive the recommendation letter, what can i do to receive it? Thanks.

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